Is Your Marketing Copy a Connect or a Barricade?

Not lengthy back a buddy of mine said this to me Kingw88

“I bought a ping pong paddle. It cost me 70 dollars. Also‚Ķ do not inform my spouse.”

After that he started explaining the paddle’s outstanding features. His blathering about the features was a practically uncontrolled, yet rational, reason for the purchase.

Some follow-up questions uncovered real factor for his purchase. He wanted a benefit over the in-office competitors. He wanted to win. The feeling of beating his colleagues at a lunch-hour ping pong fight superseded the more practical feelings connected to thriftiness.

This is a simple presentation of how customers make buying choices. They have a wish to refix a problem. The feeling they connect for your brand name owns their choice to buy, but they need a rational reason for the purchase. They use the features and benefits of your item for their rational reason.

Your marketing copy can hack that buying habits.

Customers develop psychological links for your brand name beginning with their first communication. Within 100 milliseconds of seeing someone’s face we form a perception of them (1). It is not a extend to presume we quickly form impressions of brand names as well.

Those feelings are affected by every information of your marketing security: shades, layout, photos, songs, structures, user experience, and also the intonation in your marketing copy.

This 3 min exercise will show what I imply.